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Hotel in Kharkov "Misto": advantages, services

Suite hotel Misto Kharkiv

Hotel in Kharkov "Misto" will be a great place for vacationers who are looking for comfort and at the same time want to be in an atmosphere of beauty and luxury. The rest will turn out to be excellent, and emotions will show how people with high incomes feel.

The hotel can host both business and romantic meetings. For both cases, special rooms have been arranged, and the workers do everything to make the guests as comfortable as possible in them. You can rent a romantic room in Kharkov for any time - for one night or more, to get the most out of the sensations of luxurious life! Security employees ensure the safety of each guest around the clock.

Hotel in Kharkov can be found 2 km from the city center. Those who arrived by plane will have to travel 15 km to get here. The railway station is 5 km from the hotel.

Luxurious hotel rooms

Discreet luxury combined with modern design and increased comfort will appeal to every visitor. An important point of any hotel is cleanliness, which has become a trademark hotels in Kharkov... The staff did everything to create a homely atmosphere and comfort, allowing each guest to feel at home and truly relax in body and soul.

Each room is equipped with a wide soft bed, on which you can plunge into a comfortable and quality sleep. The hotel staff treats each guest with respect and attentiveness, listens to wishes, fulfills all requests, does not make noise and does not interfere.

Spa, fitness rooms

Kharkiv hotels offer more opportunities for leisure activities than just relaxation and sleep. Misto is a whole entertainment and health complex.

SPA & Fitness is a premium class place that cannot be found in the city. Guests can usefully spend time choosing:

  • group aerobics classes;
  • training in gyms on modern simulators;
  • spa;
  • procedures in a beauty salon;
  • hardware cosmetology;
  • massage procedures: hardware, classical, oriental;
  • beach volleyball, basketball, football, etc.


Hotels in Kharkov always have places where you can carry out water procedures and just swim. Misto offers the finest clean pools, well equipped and with beautiful views of the green areas. There are open, covered, children's rooms of various shapes and depths. They are arranged taking into account all official norms. The water in them is artesian, it circulates continuously and is purified using quartz filters. Classes here will benefit everyone - especially people with passive lifestyles.


Everyone has heard of such a game as bowling. It is not only interesting, but also useful and will definitely not let the guests of the hotel get bored. For those who play it professionally, this is a real find, since not every hotel has a place specially equipped for this. And for those who want to learn and taste the excitement of this game for the first time, there is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity and try their hand - a good gift from hotels in Kharkov! Experienced instructors will help you master the rules if necessary. 10 tracks are professionally equipped and are at the complete disposal of guests.

For seekers the best hotels of Kharkov - definitely "Misto"!