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Klochkovskaya str., 190-A, Kharkiv

13,9 km from Kharkiv airport

Караоке «Miстo»

Karaoke Misto is one of the most stylish and modern karaoke in Kharkov. Karaoke Misto combines high-quality sound, 6 microphones, professional background vocals, a huge repertoire of compositions and a feast every day that starts right out of the gate.

The hall space is successfully divided into three zones: a bar, a main hall and a separate VIP-zone for 10 people.

Everything here is thought out to the smallest detail - the contrasting interior is in perfect harmony with elegant lighting, soft sofas and armchairs allow the body to relax, low lights helps to get away from strip lightning, and a large number of bright details add expressiveness to the entire interior.

The menu by European and Japanese cuisine is prevail. Among the long list of dishes, everyone will find what they like and, of course, the varied bar list is going to blow you away.
It's a nice place to have dinner or hold a business meeting, to organize a company party or have a nice birthday party, the best bachelorette and bachelor parties take place here, guests come from different parts to sing their favorite songs.

When you are in Karaoke Misto you can feel the atmosphere of luxury and comfort, high-end sound equipment, decent cuisine, qualitative hookahs and impeccable service.

Karaoke Misto - we are always glad to see you again!