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Hotel complex "Misto": the best place for any event

Hotel Misto in Kharkiv

The hotel complex "Misto" is deservedly considered the best hotel Kharkov and even the pride of this city. Each guest of the complex was able to personally verify that he received such a high title for a reason. Everything is perfect here, from comfortable rooms to all kinds of entertainment.

"Misto" is a five-star hotel, which means that every detail is thought out to the smallest detail. Famous hotel in Kharkov is ready to offer its guests not only comfortable rooms and delicious cuisine, but also all kinds of entertainment. The hotel guests have access to a restaurant, karaoke, swimming pool, sauna and summer terrace. Even without leaving the territory of the complex, you can have a great time, relax and be alone with yourself.

Guests hotel with pool there are specialists who have visited the city in connection with a business trip, and vacationers interested in the architecture and history of Kharkov, and even local residents.

Wedding in the best hotel in town

It is worth noting that the residents of Kharkiv were more fortunate than other guests, because they have the opportunity not only relax in the hotel by the pool, but also to celebrate the most joyful events in your life on its territory. Generally hotels Kharkov - an ideal location for any event, but it is "Misto" that stands out especially against the general background. First of all, because here you can arrange a holiday, incredible in its scope and grandeur.

The most important part of the holiday is undoubtedly the marriage ceremony and it can be held in the beautiful wedding pavilion located on the territory hotels in Kharkov... And after the solemn part, go to the restaurant, the heroes of the occasion and their guests will have delicious dishes. And the most joyful and exciting day should end in a romantic room in Kharkov for newlyweds.

Wedding in the best hotel in Kharkov - the dream of every bride, and I am especially glad that she can come true. To do this, it is enough to contact the manager of the hotel complex to clarify the conditions and terms.

Perfect relaxation

Everything hotels in Kharkov we are ready to offer our guests only the best, this applies to service, room decor, and unique signature dishes in restaurants. But the hotel complex "Misto" is a special place. First of all, you should pay attention to the fact that this is a five-star hotel, which means that as soon as you cross its threshold, you find yourself on the territory where you can feel the comprehensive care from all the staff.

You will be taken to a cozy, comfortable room, where you can relax and tidy up before going down to the restaurant for dinner or ordering it in your room. And then you will have access to all the entertainment that the hotel complex offers to its guests. Be sure to visit the sauna, swimming pool, karaoke and bowling. In summer, guests can spend time on the outdoor summer terrace, enjoy coffee while admiring the beautiful views.

SPA and fitness

In addition to other advantages of the complex, guests can visit the zone SPA and fitness club premium class located directly on the territory of the hotel. And I must say that today this situation can be considered unique, no other hotel in the city can offer its guests anything like that. Having visited the hotel complex "Misto" only once, absolutely everyone dreams of coming back here again.