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Hotel Misto: make yourself at home

King room hotel Misto Kharkiv

Guests and residents of Kharkov are incredibly lucky, because they have a unique opportunity to spend a weekend or vacation in a chic five-star hotel in Kharkov... Hotel "Misto" is located in the historical part of the city and is always glad to new guests. Here you can relax your body and mind, arrange a romantic date or spend a family weekend.

The best hotel in Kharkov

Hotel in Kharkov «Misto "is deservedly considered the best place for recreation and for living during a business trip. Here every guest will find everything they need to feel as comfortable as at home. It is simply impossible to find a better place, because the creators of the hotel complex have thought of everything to the smallest detail, so you just want to come back here.

Leisure hotel

Both residents and guests of the city invariably choose the best hotel Kharkov and stop right here. It is the perfect place to spend a vacation with friends and the whole family. Even if you live in Kharkov, once here, you can fully relax, gain new impressions and even open your hometown from a new perspective.

Guests who came from other cities or even countries were even more fortunate. After all, they had a chance to spend their vacation in the best hotel in Kharkov and get to know this incredible city. And the acquaintance, which begins so well, will certainly continue on an equally positive wave.

Hotel for business trip

If you are on a business trip and are looking among hotels in Kharkov the very best, the Misto Hotel will definitely suit you. Strange as it may seem, but living here will allow you to maintain a working spirit throughout the trip. This phenomenon is actually very easy to explain, since every guest hotels in Kharkov has the opportunity not only to live in a comfortable and tastefully decorated room, but also to use all the options of the hotel and entertainment complex "Misto".

Every evening after a long day at work, you will have dinner at the Misto restaurant, and on weekends you can visit the spa and gym. You and your new friends can always spend time playing bowling or find many more interesting activities without leaving the territory of the complex.

Ideal hotel for lovers

Hotels in Kharkov very diverse, but the most romantic room in Kharkov to remove you can only in "Misto". If you want to make a lasting impression on your sweetheart and hope to make your night of love unforgettable, book your room for lovers now. You will be captivated by the beautiful view, romantic atmosphere and a light romantic dinner, which can be ordered directly to your room.

The room for lovers is the best place to spend the first wedding night. If you can’t think of what continuation of the holiday will make this day truly special, you should choose an unforgettable night at Misto.

In addition, at the Misto Hotel, every couple in love can celebrate the most important holiday in their lives. The most beautiful wedding in a chic banquet hall is the dream of every girl who since childhood so wanted to become a princess. And now she can become a reality. Only for this you do not need the help of the fairy godmother, but it is enough to arrange your holiday at the Misto hotel.

The hotel complex is always ready to receive its long-awaited guests.