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Hotel with swimming pool "Misto"

hotel with poolThe hotel with a swimming pool "Misto" in Kharkov invites fans of swimming and visiting aquazones for a weekend, celebrate a birthday, organize a romantic evening or hold a corporate event.

Winter pool

Why deny yourself the pleasure of spending time with benefit in the water? Hotel with pool with a length of 25 meters, it offers many water programs, workouts and the opportunity to learn new swimming techniques. Experienced instructors, qualified coaches with experience conduct group and personal trainings:

  • aqua fitness;
  • aqua aerobics;
  • interval classes in the water;
  • strength water training;
  • swimming techniques training;
  • rehabilitation programs;
  • Aqua Mama classes for expectant mothers.

An individual approach to each visitor will allow you to choose the best option for training in order to strengthen your health. For those who like to relax in the water, a visit to the jacuzzi is an ideal choice.

Flawless water

The hotel with a swimming pool has taken care of the safety of its guests. All sanitary and hygienic standards are fulfilled. The pools are filled with artesian water. A constant circulation system, quartz filtration, multi-stage purification create "clean" conditions and guaranteed safety of water procedures.
The jacuzzi in the spa and wellness complex is equipped with double cleaning technology. The water passes through a sand filter, after which it is disinfected with silver. Staying in the jacuzzi will not harm the skin and health of visitors.

Summer aquazone

Summer is the time for fun by the water. You can relax with maximum comfort and feel like a VIP in a hotel complex in Kharkov. The hotel has everything that can decorate and diversify leisure:

  • large 40-meter pool surrounded by natural park landscape;
  • lounge area with sun loungers in the shade and in the sun;
  • aqua bar with elite alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, signature cocktails and treats.

For the rest of the little ones, there is a children's pool with an entertainment area. One of the cozy gazebos next to the pool, where you can hold a celebration, will suit a cheerful company. Serving dishes from the restaurant of the "Park Misto" hotel will allow you to organize a real festive feast. Tired after an active holiday, in the hotel complex you can relax in comfortable rooms. It is enough to carry out online room reservation in the hotel "Misto" to ensure an unforgettable pastime.