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Hotel complex "Misto": find your paradise on earth

Photo sessions in hotel rooms in Kharkov

Leading place among best hotels in Kharkov rightfully occupies the complex "Misto". You will not find another such hotel in the city that offers so much entertainment, services of a very different nature and, of course, perfect service.

Why Kharkiv's Misto hotel is considered the best in the city

Let's highlight several advantages that significantly raise the hotel's rating:

  • Several swimming pools. Among them are a large outdoor pool, which is available during the warmer months, a children's area for toddlers and a full 25-meter pool that meets all the requirements. In it you can arrange competitions, hold training camps or just go swimming. Experienced trainers are always available for visitors and will be able to help if necessary.
  • Possibility rent a romantic room in Kharkov... The service includes a room decorated according to the theme, a delicious dinner from the chef taking into account all your wishes, and royal service. Some hotels in Kharkov also offer romantic rooms, but only our staff will do everything to make you feel with your soul mate detached from the world and enjoy each other.
  • Fitness complex and SPA procedures. Only Kharkiv hotel "Misto" invites its guests to visit the gym of an impressive size, equipped with the latest technology. In addition to strength training, cardio and yoga classes are available, led by experienced and attentive trainers. You can visit the beauty salon, enjoy massage, sauna and other anti-aging treatments.

V Kharkov hotel "Misto" is all aimed at ensuring that guests not only remain well-fed and satisfied, but also so that they can improve their health, relax and not change their daily habits, such as playing sports. Often people who are constantly traveling for work, are exhausted and tired, do not follow the regime of changing rest and activity. In our complex, specialists in various fields will take care of you, you will find time for both work and leisure, since everything in the hotel is within walking distance.

What the hotel of Kharkov "Misto" can offer to residents of the city

Visitors hotels in Kharkov not only guests of the city, but also its inhabitants can become. So, what our complex can offer to Kharkiv residents:

  • Spend a corporate party, anniversary or wedding with us! The stylish and modernly furnished hall of our restaurant or the terrace in the warm season is perfect for such events. After the event, guests can take our best rooms at a very affordable rate. There are many locations for photo shoots on the territory.
  • Go in for sports in our SPA center! Gym and aerobic rooms, functional training and dance classes - all this will be available to you at any time of the day. Classes are taught by competent trainers whom you can trust. There are also sports sections for children, or they will be entertained by responsible babysitters during your classes.
  • Give your family or friends an exciting weekend! You can enjoy excellent cuisine from our chef at the restaurant, play bowling, sing karaoke or simply relax at the bar.

Many hotels in Kharkov offer entertainment and rooms. We do much more: after visiting our complex, rested guests do not want to leave and try to visit us again and again.