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Hotel complex "Misto": luxury that you will never forget

Hotel complex "Misto"

If you want to rent a romantic room in Kharkov, swim in the warm pool or just relax with friends, there is no better place. The hotel complex "Misto" offers to plunge into the world of luxury, excellent taste and sophistication at quite affordable prices.

How does the Misto complex compare favorably with other hotels in Kharkov?

Among the best Kharkiv hotelsof course, there are pretty decent places, but the Misto complex offers more than just rooms and their service. In this hotel you will receive the following services:

  • A wide selection of rooms for every taste and budget. The cost varies from 2300 UAH. (Business) up to UAH 4000 (King). The furnishings and services are designed to ensure that you come back to the hotel again and again.
  • Rest with a pool in Kharkov... Few hotels in Kharkov can boast a gorgeous 25-meter pool with panoramic windows overlooking their own park. In addition, the only premium fitness center in Kharkiv operates.
  • All kinds of beauty and health services. Manicure, pedicure, hairdressing, massage, spa treatments, etc.
  • Children's area. During the rest, you can leave children of different ages with an experienced staff who will not only look after the fidgets, but also entertain them with useful sports games.
  • Restaurant "Park Misto". It perfectly combines modern design with elements of the park area. You can have fun with friends, family or colleagues and enjoy the fresh air in nature. The restaurant's chef prepares breakfasts for hotel guests, taking into account the individual preferences of each guest.
  • The best karaoke in town with great sound, great service, 6 microphones, professional equipment with all the latest updates and the perfect atmosphere for a fun holiday.
  • Bowling Club. 10 tracks equipped with the latest technology are located on the territory hotel in Kharkov Misto. Special bumpers allow even children to play. You can host a corporate or family tournament, enjoy drinks, snacks and watch matches in the sports bar.
  • Bath and recreation complex. Here you can visit not only a classic Russian bath, but also a hammam or a jacuzzi. A pool with a double water purification system and silver disinfection is available. After visiting hotel with a swimming pool in Kharkov you will feel refreshed, vigorous and relaxed.

Why should you visit the Misto Hotel?

Because you won't want to visit others anymore Kharkiv hotels... In the complex "Misto" you will find not only rest and entertainment, but also plunge into the world of luxury, noble food and drinks, high quality service. The staff at the hotel treats each guest with endless respect, which is why a truly royal service awaits you.

In addition, you can devote yourself to wellness, sports and other things that are so important for maintaining the beauty and harmony of the body. There are discounts (family, birthday, etc.) on the territory of the hotel and restaurant. You can rent any of the 25 rooms for a photo shoot. If you wish, you can take some memorable photos on the summer terrace.

We are located in the very heart of the city, come visit us! We guarantee that you do not want to visit others again. hotels in Kharkov!