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News of the hotel "Misto" in Kharkov

Where to rent a romantic room in Kharkov with excellent service

The hotel complex "Misto" invites guests and residents of Kharkov to have a good time, check into a comfortable room for the duration of a business trip or celebrate a memorable date. Here you will find a full range of entertainment and services, plunge into the world of luxury and perfect service at affordable prices. What are the standard services offered by the hotel Kharkiv "Misto" Let's list the services that you can get [...]

Hotel in Kharkov "Misto": advantages, services

The hotel in Kharkov "Misto" will be an excellent place for vacationers who are looking for comfort and at the same time want to be in an atmosphere of beauty and luxury. The rest will turn out to be excellent, and emotions will show how people with high incomes feel. The hotel can host both business and romantic meetings. For both cases, special rooms have been set up, and the workers make [...]

The Misto Hotel in Kharkiv and its advantages: where to stay

The Misto Hotel is located practically in the very heart of Kharkov. This is a unique and comfortable place for city guests. The complex includes not only hotels in Kharkov, but also restaurants, a premium fitness club, a sauna, and a children's playground. Rest should not overshadow the search for a hotel, book your places in advance. This will allow you to immediately start relaxing in the city or acquaintance with [...]

Hotel complex "Misto": find your paradise on earth

The leading place among the best hotels in Kharkov is rightfully occupied by the "Misto" complex. You will not find another such hotel in the city that offers so much entertainment, services of a very different nature and, of course, perfect service. Why the Kharkiv Misto hotel is considered the best in the city Let's highlight several advantages that significantly raise the hotel's rating: Several swimming pools. Among them is a large outdoor swimming pool, which [...]

Hotel "Misto" - a hotel that loves its guests

When you want not just to rent a hotel in Kharkov, but to have a first-class rest in a truly comfortable and luxurious atmosphere, there is no better option than the Misto hotel. It will appeal to both a businessman who came for negotiations, and a couple who celebrates an important event in their life, and simply travelers who are used to getting only the best. Why is the Misto hotel the best choice? This [...]

Hotel Misto: make yourself at home

Guests and residents of Kharkov are incredibly lucky, because they have a unique opportunity to spend a weekend or vacation in a luxury five-star hotel in Kharkov. Hotel "Misto" is located in the historical part of the city and is always glad to new guests. Here you can relax your body and mind, arrange a romantic date or spend a family weekend. The best hotel in Kharkov Hotel in Kharkov "Misto" [...]

Five-star hotel in Kharkov

Renting a romantic room in Kharkov or going on a family trip to the magical cities of Ukraine - such a task does not become a problem when at any time you can turn to the services of the five-star Misto hotel, which offers tourists to stay in any of the most comfortable and cozy equipped spaces in building. A hotel in Kharkov that will definitely not leave you [...]

Five-star hotel "Misto" in Kharkov welcomes guests

Fashionable hotels began to be built in Europe in the second half of the 19th century. "Metropoli" and "Palaces" impressed with their luxury, abundance of stucco molding, expensive carpets, sparkling crystal chandeliers. Important maids, well-trained receptionists, personable doormen, discreet but impeccable cleaning maids - the entire staff worked for the pleasure and comfort of guests. This tradition has been preserved to this day. But if earlier [...]

Hotel complex "Misto": plunge into the world of luxury and comfort

The hotel complex "Misto" will offer you a vacation that you will never forget. You will live in royal rooms, and at the same time you will be served in a way that no one has ever served before. The work of all services is perfected, all your desires will be fulfilled almost without your words. You will get a one-of-a-kind vacation with a swimming pool in Kharkov, [...]

Why guests of Kharkov choose the hotel complex "Misto"

Traveling with family or friends, a romantic weekend or a business trip involves spending a night or staying in a hotel for several days. Hotels in Kharkov are numerous and different. Guests of the city will be able to find conditions for living, taking into account any requirements in a wide price range. Are you looking for a convenient location and maximum comfort? Planning to spend the weekend together with [...]

Hotel complex "Misto": we tell you why after visiting you do not want to contact other hotels

The hotel complex "Misto" is an opportunity to plunge into the world of luxury and sophistication. You will find not only comfortable rooms with excellent service, but also all kinds of entertainment for every taste and age. You can also go in for sports, visit the pool and beauty salon, and taste delicious dishes from the chef. Not all Kharkiv hotels can boast of [...]

Hotel complex "Misto": how to get into a fairy tale?

The best hotels in Kharkov boast excellent service and comfortable rooms. The hotel complex "Misto" offers much more: it is a vacation with a swimming pool in Kharkov, and luxurious rooms, and premium SPA services. Hotel "Misto" is a real city of entertainment and recreation. And now we will tell you why. How does the five-star Misto hotel compare favorably with other hotels in Kharkov? Judge for yourself: [...]

Hotel complex "Misto": luxury that you will never forget

If you want to rent a romantic room in Kharkov, swim in a warm pool or just relax with friends, there is no better place to find. The hotel complex "Misto" offers to plunge into the world of luxury, excellent taste and sophistication at quite affordable prices. How does the Misto complex compare favorably with other hotels in Kharkov? Among the best hotels in Kharkov, of course, there are quite decent places, [...]

Hotel complex "Misto": the best place for any event

Hotel complex "Misto" is deservedly considered the best hotel in Kharkov and even the pride of this city. Each guest of the complex was able to personally verify that he received such a high title for a reason. Everything is perfect here, from comfortable rooms to all kinds of entertainment. "Misto" is a five-star hotel, which means that every detail is thought out to the smallest detail. Famous hotel [...]

Hotel in Kharkov with a swimming pool: good rest, excellent service, interesting entertainment

The best hotels in Kharkov can be counted on the fingers of one hand. There are many establishments offering recreation and entertainment, banquets and celebrations, but few of them can boast of perfect service and laconic luxury. One of these hotels in Kharkov is the hotel complex "Misto". Here you will plunge into beauty and luxury and learn what an elite vacation is. What [...]

Entertainment in the hotel complex "Misto"

Hotel "Misto" rightfully bears the title of the best entertainment hotel complex in Kharkov. Here you will find modern types of recreation for lovers of active pastime and relaxation. First-class service, the ability to rent a room for a day or for a long time, a variety of locations for recreation make the hotel mega-popular among residents and guests of the city. What to do in the afternoon at Misto? The key advantage of the hotel [...]

Rest in the hotel complex "Misto" - comfortable, useful, unforgettable

SPA hotel Kharkiv "Misto" is the right choice for those who love active rest, sports and relaxation. The complex will be the best solution for those who want to visit the fitness center, visit a cozy restaurant, give the body youth in the SPA-salon. The hotel complex "Misto" is the embodiment of design architecture, natural aesthetics, modern entertainment for every taste. Any time of the year here [...]

Celebration in the hotel complex "Misto"

The country hotel complex "Misto" invites you to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, special event or wedding. The scale of the apartments, restaurant, park area allows you to organize a celebration of any format. A cozy hotel in Kharkov is pleased to offer comfortable rooms, exquisite cuisine and a lot of entertainment for every taste.

Spend a wonderful weekend at the Misto Hotel!

Fans of comfortable rest and active pastime choose the hotel complex "Misto"! It is here that you can spend an unforgettable spa weekend for two, retire in comfortable rooms, taste exquisite cuisine and enjoy the premium services of the entire complex.

Broadcast football matches

For a month, on our summer terrace Park Misto, we will watch all the football matches of Euro 2020 together!
There is a restaurant and a bar on the territory, so you can order the desired meals and any drinks during the mast.

Park area, comfortable seating, large screen, and separate gazebos with plasma.

Feel the friendly atmosphere and support your favorite team!
Call your friends and book a table by phone 0 (95) 238 28 03

Off-site wedding ceremony at Park Misto!

We offer an off-site wedding ceremony on the Park Misto summer terrace!

At your service: a spacious cozy gazebo with a playground and a beautiful secluded area with an arch for a wedding ceremony, author's landscape design, many open-air locations for a photo shoot, organizing a banquet of any format.

We also offer newlyweds to enjoy the romantic atmosphere of the holiday together with the hotel "Misto" and take advantage of [...]

Entertainment complex in the hotel "Misto"

The hotel complex "Misto" in Kharkiv is open to all visiting guests and residents of the city, business people and everyone who wants to experience a sea of impressions from the rest. The hotel provides unlimited opportunities for guests' stay, celebrations, and leisure activities. "Misto" in Kharkov offers a new level of recreation. It is not just possible to rent a premium-class room at the hotel with the highest degree of comfort and high-quality service. […]

Hotel with swimming pool "Misto"

The hotel with a swimming pool "Misto" in Kharkov invites fans of swimming and visiting aquazones for a weekend, celebrate a birthday, organize a romantic evening or hold a corporate event. Winter pool Why deny yourself the pleasure of spending time with benefit in the water? The hotel, with its 25 meter long swimming pool, offers a variety of water programs, workouts and the opportunity to learn new swimming techniques. Experienced [...]

Photo sessions in the hotel "Misto"

For beautiful photos in the hotel complex "Misto"! This is a unique architectural and natural location in Kharkov, which will be able to present impressive photographs and an unforgettable memory of your pastime. Each location is decorated in a stylish interior design. Comfortable premium furniture, exclusive author's concepts give a pleasant feeling. Everyone experiences a splash of feelings, getting on the summer terrace, walking in the park area. Landscape, interiors [...]

Hotel "Misto" is an ideal place for a wedding

An ideal wedding is a magical setting that has already been created for newlyweds in the Misto hotel complex. The hotel in Kharkov embodies all the wishes of lovers and is able to leave unforgettable impressions of the celebration. Hotel "Misto" - combines: a spacious banquet hall with a charming interior concept; picturesque natural landscapes that you can admire in the restaurant through panoramic windows or enjoy [...]

"Misto" is an ideal place for business events

The hotel complex "Misto" is a space for holding business events. This is a great place to both solve business problems and build team spirit. The green terraces of the park landscape are conducive to relaxation. Rooms with stylish interiors provide complete relaxation. A variety of programs for active and relaxing pastime allows everyone to find leisure time to their liking. The convenient location of the hotel complex will not require a long, [...]

Romantic package

First date, wedding, wedding anniversary, declaration of love, engagement are events that require the perfect setting. The hotel complex "Misto" in Kharkov is capable of creating a charming atmosphere. Hotel "Misto" - round-the-clock romance The hotel complex "Misto" has the whole spectrum of romance. You can spend an unforgettable day on the summer playground, taking part in team games (volleyball, basketball, football). "Misto" is a hotel with [...]

Birthday in the hotel "Misto"

Celebrating a birthday in a chic institution in Kharkov is a dream come true with the Misto hotel complex! This is a unique offer to have fun, spend time in comfort and end the celebration with a delicious dinner at the VIP table for the birthday person. On the important day of the birthday person, not only warm congratulations from friends and relatives await! "Misto" gives gifts - 15 % discount on accommodation, [...]

Room for 6 hours in the hotel complex "Misto"

To get into a fairy tale for 6 hours offers the hotel complex "Misto" in Kharkov. A unique offer for those who wish to escape from the bustle of the city and plunge into the atmosphere of relaxation! The room for a short stay is suitable for those who: want to spend a romantic evening; prepared a surprise for the second half; wants to relax and prepare for a business meeting by visiting with a business [...]

Spring offer 3 + 1!

More relaxation ... even more relaxation! Book three nights in the room categories: Business, Standard or Standard Twin and get a fourth one as a gift, as well as a delicious breakfast in your room, unlimited use of the hamam, relaxation room and salt grotto, 10% discount on SPA treatments and unlimited use of the Fitness zone. Spend the May holidays in comfort in Misto! [...]

Summer is getting closer!

We are glad to announce that from 05/14/2021 our hotel complex has an outdoor pool on the summer terrace! You can spend the whole day on sun loungers and swim in the large heated pool, have a drink at the aqua bar or a delicious lunch at our restaurant without leaving the relaxation area. For guests of our hotel complex, the entrance to the pool [...]

We have opened a summer terrace!

Now you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner in our outdoor park area. There is an aqua bar and spacious gazebos where you can organize a birthday banquet or a children's party. Separately on the territory there is a sports ground for training and a children's playground. There is a wonderful location for newlyweds - [...]